Papayas also known as pawpaw don’t transplant well. Papaya is a delicate plant, anything that disturbs the roots of papayas wouldn’t make it grow well. The best and most effective practice is pawpaw farming is to plant the seeds directly to where they will grow, no transplanting.


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Get a piece of land, clear it and burn the refuge to ashes. Then plant your pawpaw seed 5metres away from each other. Now sprinkle on some of your seeds. A couple of dozen per bed is a good amount. I usually use even more… Cover the seeds lightly with more compost, and then mulch the patch well. The seeds usually take about a couple of weeks to germinate, and may take longer.


After one or two months, clear the weeds  around the crops and do not dispose the refuge, but allow it to decay. This will serve as a manure to the land. After two more months, start transplanting the pawpaw to some places were you feel the gap is more than 5meters. During the transplanting process only two stand should be left in the planted spot reason being that one of the two may turnout to be a male and male papaya doesn’t fruit but you need them for cross pollination. You only need one male for every ten to fifteen female plants to ensure good pollination.


After three months buy a chemical called uproot, force up or any other herbicides chemical to spray the land. This will help the crops to be balanced and ready for production. After six months, apply the same chemical, spraying it all around the farm land. Within the next three weeks, you will see the fruiting getting interesting, then allow for three more  months for it to be strong and start ripping.


People neglected the opportunity of making business out of pawpaw farming because of lack of proper orientation of what growing papaya entails? Are you thinking of what to do with the little money and time you have? Why not try investing the money into growing papaya for business? Its not capital intensive and it yields huge profit.