Orange plantation is another agricultural business that is currently enriching some farmers in Nigeria. Although this business is not very common to many Nigerians as no due attention has being given to it by anyone, the truth remains that orange is one of the most lucrative plantations that can make one rich when considering the agricultural sector to invest in with little or no risk.


Orange can be eaten fresh or processed and used for juice or fragrant peel or sold for commercial purposes(to companies that produces fruit juice).


Do you have an empty land that you’re not ready to develop yet? If yes, then orange is one of the plants that can be cultivated on that land to give you the income needed to startup any project within a short time. One good thing about it is that you can clear the trees anytime you’re ready to develop the land.


If you want to take this as a serious business, you will need to buy some acres of lands and if the planting process is strictly followed using the best specie of orange, you can produce lorry loads of orange.


For a plot of land, you can plant about 50 stands of orange on it, each stand yielding about 4-5 bags of orange and a bag of orange cost 4500 to 5000 Naira.


When you plant special species which cost about 800 naira per stand, if properly planted and cared for, it can start yielding after 6 months though this may not be in a large quantity. After some months, each stand becomes a full mature orange tree that would produce about 4 bags of orange or more.


Now to start planting orange for commercial purposes, below are the steps to follow:


Step 1

Acquire a piece of land if you don’t have , either a plot of land or more.Apply herbicide chemicals and anti termite to kill the grasses, roots and termites. This is a system of preparing the bush for the plantation by destroying the grasses and roots with chemical and allowing them to decompose. Cut down other big trees on the same land you want to plant that will likely affect the growth of the orange trees.

The application of the anti-termite is to destroy the termites in the soil that would attack the plants when planted.


Step 2

After the application of the chemicals, the land is now ready for further preparation …at this point you will make use a deep sandy loam-type soil if possible – although a loamy soil that is well-drained;


Dig holes that are wide and deep enough to accommodate the entire root system, about 3-4 inches holes where you will plant the nurseries. And you have to give 10-15 ft distance per stand to give enough room for the plant to grow its branches.


Step 3

Plant the orange nurseries.


Step 4

After you have planted the nurseries,  apply Actions 40 to separate the roots of the nurseries.  Two months later apply Dime-force to protect the crops from infections.

Step 5

Apply Fouler manure. There many types of chemicals such as Hiafa bonus, NPK 2020 fertilizer or Haifa product of Israel.


Foula manure is what will feed the nurseries with the required nutrients to speed up their growth.


One of the secret of orange plantation system  that makes it lucrative is that it can be grafted, that is combining agric and native together. When this is done you can be sure of harvesting orange fruit from your farm all the time. When you’re harvesting the agric produce, the native ones are already getting ready for fruiting. Having a large orange farm will make it  easy for you to start producing orange fruit juice.