Farm Business Development - Faglov
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Farm Business Development


Each year Farmers Global Village (FAGLOV) partners with area farmers and agricultural experts to offer a few workshops in Nigeria.  We strive to have workshops that meet farmer-identified needs so if you have a topic idea or would like to receive updates about upcoming events, please let us know!


Farmers Global Village will be having educative trainings, workshops and seminars throughout Nigeria   and beyond. If you have need for agricultural Seminar in your town, city, state or country, feel free to contact us through email: –


Farmers Global Village (FAGLOV) supports new and existing farms in Nigeria. We offer one-on-one assistance in planning the many aspects of a farm business. We also connect farmers with resources, land, and new customers and offer on-going educational opportunities.

Technical Assistance

FAGLOV offers a variety of services for farmers.  We specialize in supporting aspiring and developing farmers who have been in business for 0-10 years by offering:

  • Business and financial planning assistance
  • Farm business coaching
  • Technical assistance focused on production efficiency
  • Funding for consultant services


Farmland Access

FAGLOV works with farmland seekers to:

  • Determine readiness to purchase or lease property
  • Write or update business plans
  • Evaluate potential parcels
  • Resources for leasing land


CRAFT Program

The Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT) seeks to educate farm workers who are interested in becoming farmers themselves by providing a diversity of on-farm educational experiences throughout the season.